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Are you planning to organize a trip or vacation? Let us do it! We will plan everything "from A to Z"

Are you busy? Do you dream of a VIP-like holiday? You do not have time to plan your holiday? Would you like to have a personal assistant during your holiday? Don't worry about organizing your trip. Let us do it! Within 24 hours we will prepare for you an offer tailored to your needs. Of course, all this is completely free of charge. Trust us! We specialize in organizing trips, events, excursions, holidays for individual and group clients.

We have an idea specifically for you!

Would you like to feel special? Don't have any organizational matters on your mind? Or maybe you want to be accompanied by a pilot during the whole trip? Nothing simpler. You just need to send one message. In the points, specify what type of trip you are interested in and what attractions you are hoping for.

We will tell you which places and attractions you will certainly like.

Or maybe you have a planned trip to Krakow, but you just don't know what to do in this area? Write down what you are interested in and how many days you plan to stay. We will prepare a full offer for you, including a ride planned "from A to Z". Whether you are a seasoned tourist and new places are not something that may limit or cause fear of a new place or a "Sunday walker", for whom the visited places are a challenge. In the Concierge service, we will plan everything in a way appropriate to your individual predispositions.

When the impossible becomes possible... Do something for the first time in your life!

Maybe you want to fly a balloon over the capital of Małopolska? Maybe you would like to visit the most important tourist attractions in Poland quickly and without queues? Or maybe your closest ones are fans of ski jumping, and you saw the ski jumping hills only on TV? It's time to change it! This is only a small part of what we do every day.

Bungee jump, parachute jump or glider flight over the Tatra Mountains are just a few of the attractions of our unlimited possibilities!

There is nothing impossible for us. We will organize for you a balloon flight over the capital of Poland, take you to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, organize a private trip, as well as try to get the autographs of the world's elite of ski jumpers for you and organize conferences. Make your dreams come true with us! Our team is specially trained, we are not afraid, even of extreme sports. We will organize bungee jump, parachute jump and even a glider flight over the Tatra Mountains.

Are these all our possibilities? Of course not!

An open-air wedding and wedding reception with a well-known band? The round anniversary of the wedding at the castle? Or maybe the special birthday of your spouse 327 meters below ground, accompanied by miners? See for yourself! Write to us and we will plan, evaluate and present our offer. There are no impossible things for us. See for yourself what concierge service means. Trust the specialists!

For whom is this service?

       ► For everyone

Here are some examples of products prepared by our company:

  • An exciting afternoon with royal salt and a supper 327 meters below ground,
  • a Byronic evening with Jewish culture in the district of Moses' followers,
  • twilight on the Krakow agora,
  • a royal feast in the bastille of the monarch.

       ► For families with children 

The program of the event is prepared in accordance with the Client's guidelines. Here are our proposals for families with children:

  • fancy Krakowiak in the clouds,
  • evening with a highlander band,
  • escapade with Wawel Dragon,
  • night of horrors in the amusement park,
  • travels with the highlander in the Tatra Mountains,
  • a film set in Kazimierz,
  • Polish kings and princes at a gala dinner.

       ► For young, energetic people

Our staff is also experienced in organizing escapades for young, energetic people. Here are some suggestions:

  • A parachute jump over the kingdom of Neptune,
  • bungee over a cobalt stream,
  • kayaks on blue water,
  • wooden rafting down the Dunajec River Gorge,
  • Crawling pub in the city of Polish kings,
  • skiing in heavenly powder.

       ► For lovers

Our Concierge service also includes propositions for couples in love - newly met couples looking for original entertainment, as well as married couples who value traditional leisure activities. We can help by organizing:

  • unusual and crazy engagement, which will remain in your memory for years,
  • engagement in classic, romantic style,
  • unusual, original wedding, which will surprise all guests,
  • a wedding reception in accordance with the traditions and expectations of the bride and groom,
  • celebration of the anniversary in every possible corner of Poland (and not only) that is different than before.

Tailor-made trips

Each of the proposals is tailor-made trip. If you send us an inquiry, you can use our proposals or describe your own straight from the heart. This will enable us to prepare an offer for your needs in a perfect and flawless way. We provide round-the-clock care of the pilot, who is also a translator and a native-speaker. You can entrust all matters to your guardian, who will try to solve the problem as best as possible or provide advice. Everyone is a separate challenge for us. We treat each of our clients individually. All attractions and conveniences are adjusted to the client's needs. Our offer is not only a package of services that make up the product, but also a package of feelings and emotions of people who trusted us. We won't let you down.

How does “tailor-made” offer in Chamelion Transfer look like?

„"Tailor-made " campaign means adjusting the service to the broadly understood needs of the Clients. Such needs may be, for example:

  • lunch boxes on board,
  • cold drinks (of various types) on board,
  • a chauffeur, who does not limit the customer's time – he waits until you finish a pleasant dinner, come back from a family meeting or an all-night party with friends,
  • a comprehensive plan of the day combining meals, places, attractions and rest depending on your preferences.

As a part of the Concierge service, a guardian is available 24 hours a day. At the request of our Clients, we also offer a guide and lecturer's service - on an ad hoc basis or for the duration of the event.


The Concierge service offered by Chamelion Transfer can be briefly defined as follows:

  • You come up with an idea, we realize it at the highest level.
  • You give us a plan, we realize it, taking care of every detail.
  • Together we forget about all the limitations.

You don't have to believe our word... Write or call us and ask for details!